Patient Experience

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of an annual checkup: Pap smear for females over eighteen years of age, mammogram if you are over 40, and occult blood in the stool if you are 50 or over. Regular yearly cholesterol and total lipid profile are essential to maintain a good healthy heart and blood vessels to reduce your chances of having a heart attack, stroke and hypertension.


Preventive medicine is the key to staying in good health. When any abnormalities are discovered early, they can be easily treated to avoid the development of diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, kidney disease, or stroke. Having a mammogram can detect abnormalities such as fibrocystic changes or early cancer of the breast, so they can be treated early with a very high cure rate. Occult blood in the stool is essential to detect any colon or rectal cancer in the early stages. This can be easily done and is not expensive.


I urge every person to put her health as her first priority in life.


All of the following are available at GYN Fertility Specialists:


    • Routine check ups and pap smears.
    • Family planning including birth control pills and injectable medication every three months (Depot Provera).
    • Infertility workup.
    • In office ultrasound (abdominal and vaginal route).
    • Diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis including medications and surgery.
    • Diagnosis and treatment of fibroid tumors including medications and surgery.
    • Tubal reversal by microsurgery (Dr. Hanafi has done several hundred of these procedures since 1979).
    • Ovulation induction program (fertility drugs, oral and injectable medications).
    • Artificial insemination by husband or donor specimen.
    • Management and treatment of irregular or heavy periods including medications and hysteroscopic surgery.
    • Management and treatment of acute or chronic abdominal and/or pelvic pain, including infections, by medication or surgery if needed .
    • Management and treatment of abnormal pap smear including office laser surgery or LEEP procedure.
    • Management and treatment of urinary incontinence by medication, biofeedback, and/or surgery.
    • Hormonal replacement therapy (estrogen treatment for peri and post menopausal women).
    • Treatment and follow up of osteoporosis.


For information regarding your health, especially gynecological or infertility, please call our office. Our staff is available to supply you with all of this information. I always appreciate you allowing me to be your physician and to contribute to the healthcare which you need and deserve.